Its the season to give a little bit!

Hey thanks everyone for taking part and donating money, time and food to Fridays fund raiser for pancreatic cancer action.

We raised £176 !

The mulled wine Kathy made was all gone as was most of the food!

I have a bottle of left behind Schleor which will stagnate in my fridge in the hope it’ll ferment eventually into wine!

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Oxjam on Saturday. It was very kind of Liz to help out on Bari and I got her a plant as a thank you.

So this time of year is a time to plan for the new year. Please use the comments box on here for any ideas as to where you would like to play and pieces you’re interested in?

Also if you click on follow at the bottom of this blog it should ask for your email address and then you’ll be able to follow blogs automatically.  This should keep you up to date with band plans!

Thanks again everyone, seasons greetings and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year !

2 thoughts on “Its the season to give a little bit!

  1. Ruth says:

    Not such a load of muppets then! Did I actually hear our conductor say at one point in our Friday night 15 Dec rehearsal that we were “awesome”.
    Well done us – two really enjoyable gigs and both for worthy causes.
    Thinking ahead and something to ponder over – Richard our guitar friend is interested in hosting a concert . He has done this twice before, once at the Harborough Theatre and once at the Congregational Church. Both well attended with super guitar playing. Would we be interested in joining in, making it a musical “extrvaganza” inviting musician friends along and raising money for charities?
    Secondly the Harborough Carnival, usually second Saturday in June. This years theme is “Around the World”. Would we fancy doing a float? Think New Orleans, think bluesy music floating across the bayou – or indeed the river Welland.
    Music ideas – I like the sound of blues and jazz, could we actually play and move at the same time like in a jazz band – up, down, side to side. Multi tasking. Happy Christmas everyone.


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