Next Gig for charidy!

Hey everyone, wow you guys sounded amazing last night!. I’m going to start recording you so you can have a listen back on here. The classical stuff (Handel and Vivaldi) seems to work surprisingly well on the Clarinet and Saxophone. The jazzy O When the Saints also sounded great and the pink Panther in the advanced group went much better than expected. Thanks Gordon for purchasing this music for us.

So just a reminder that there is another rehearsal next week too. Can you all look in your diaries before then to see if you are busy on the Saturday the 21st of April?

We have been asked to play at the Specsavers charity event for the children’s charity Rainbows. There is a show tunes theme. It won’t last all day so if you are only available for part of the day let me know times and we can try to structure this around people’s availability.

Thanks and well Done !

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